Project Description

Intrapreneurship Academy

Who They Are

As part of The Cable Center the Intrapreneurship Academy’s (IA) experiential programs, thought leadership, academic partnerships, and symposia, develop the next generation of industry leaders – the intrapreneurs – to drive measurable value and shape the future. IA is a place to activate leaders to accelerate business from within. The members of this growing community are the leaders who will drive the future of the industry and power what’s next.

Intrapreneurship Academy


  • We understand what was then, what is now, and what is next.

Project Goals

  1. Brand new program.
  2. Create visual hierarchy with messaging and branded visuals

Brand Traits
The Intrapreneurship Academy is a place for intrapreneurship and innovation education, conferences, and thought leadership, providing a vibrant community for resource and idea-sharing. IA strengthens leaders so they can act as entrepreneurs within their organization – taking risks, adapting to change, leading with confidence, and creating new revenue opportunities.

Project Scope

  • Logo development
  • Branded materials
  • Identity package
  • Program collateral