I'm not your typical creative. I go beyond the "box" to create unique designs and presentations that captivate and won't let go. Some call it engaging, others call it gifted. I call it me. I live and breathe creativity. I'm most alive when I have a mouse, Wacom or pencil in my hand. I'm not typical. I'm a director of art.

Specifically, for the last 8 years I've worked as Lead Designer/Art Director, providing support for various clients.
I love being able to bring ideas to life. Plain and simple. It's something that many want to do, but few truly can.
ShanesArt is the creative design service of Shane Grajczyk, a Colorado based art director/graphic designer/illustrator.

DO’s: Innovate • create • illustrate • design • day dream • listen to the voices in my head • talk shit • aim to please! I represent and will only work with you if you feed me.

DONT’s: Fake it • sell out • do anything for free • want to hunt you down (but will)

My professional career has been in Design/Multimedia development. My passion however, has always been illustrating in one form or another. If it be sketching out a tattoo design, digitally painting a portrait or just drawing what ever comes to mind onto the closest thing resembling a piece of paper.

Back in the day I used everything from ballpoint pens, colored pencils, charcoals, markers and acrylics to get the job done. And aside from the plain old pencil and sketch pad, my favorite tool to use was an airbrush. Now days, I tend to use a Wacom tablet more than anything else.

Now, even though I received my degree from the Art Institute of Colorado in Visual Communications, I am a
self-taught digital artist who tends to sway back and forth between the loose strokes in my sketchbook and
the clean lines of vector illustrations. Together they can make some pretty powerful images.
2011 - Interviewed by

2007 - The children's book I illustrated, "The Most important Thing", won the Colorado Independent Publishers Association’s 2007 1st Place EVVY Award for Best Children’s Book

2007 - Advanced Photoshop magazine showcased some of my artwork in issue #35

2007 - Interviewed and showcased in the Fantasy & Sci-fi art magazine Fantasy Report issue #1
Below are a few of the clients and companies that I've had the pleasure of working with over the past few years.
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